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STRICT003: DNAonDNA - The Grind EP

STRICT004: Lakehead - Stingray Ultras EP

Strictly’s very own Lakehead is back with a versatile four-tracker on STRICT004. Pushing his MPC to its limits he stacks his maverick UK-heritage rhythms before polishing his tracks with floating melodies. The heavy dancefloor focus on the A-Side is contrasted by the mellow backside unfolding its potential in the morning hours to lead you straight into a sacred universe.
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STRICT003: DNAonDNA - The Grind EP


Mighty DNAonDNA (Heteroerotic Asphyxiation, Oiwa) manufactures STRICTLY STRICTLY's magical 3rd release and offers nothing than power, power, power: Erratic opener THE//GRIND pushes you into the flow with restless UK-ish breaks before HAIFA slaps you hard with its violent rhythm and epic bassline. DON'T MOVE on the B-side chases you with its 145bpm acid breaks to finally eject you struggling for breath. A dangerous adventure!
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STRICT002 - TOBS – Obsessed EP

STRICT002: TOBS – Obsessed EP

Strictly Strictly enters the second round: The Obsessed EP by TOBS, co-founder of Drowned-Records) comes with 3 driving highly energetic cuts. The title track is putting the stamp on the A-Side with pounding Lo-Fi-Power at its best. The B-Side teaches the The Science Of Licking A Battery with a piling drive of appregios before falling apart in the best possible way with IOW.
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Strictly Strictly kicks off with 4 heavy sample excursions. Strictly MPC-based house-jams by Berlin-based producer RWIN. Strictly emotional affect with lush and spheric sedatives on the A-Side. Strictly dancefloor material on the B-Side where he prays for jack and compels to move.
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